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(NEWEST 2009) hot torture gay porn electric attached tortured rape tits balls fight whip slave master
Added: 22nd October 2009
Posted By: Admin
Views: 11983
Comments: 0

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Tags: torture porn attached tortured rape fight slave master
2 guys fucking another by force
Added: 22nd May 2011
Posted By: Admin
Views: 5749
Comments: 0

by: CockyBoys two guys violent force a guy to have sex with them. it forced him to suck all the guys deux.deux male with tattooed and body built. the little guy has no chance, they are too strong. he tore his underwear on him, to have his ass. he hits the bottom, pinched, and shoves fingers in...

Tags: force rape fuck suck tattootes double fuck dbl
boys kidnapped and tortured
Added: 25th June 2011
Posted By: Admin
Views: 14524
Comments: 0

With: Leo, Ashton, and Mark Bradley a young boy is kidnapped by two other young people. it is tied to a pole and is terrified, he knows he will be tortured and raped. guys forced to drink with a funnel. As he drank a lot of beer, he really wanted to piss. the guy pushes , him on the stomach...

Tags: kidnapped raped drunk piss golden shower yellow painful funnel clothes pin
young boy kidnapped: Gloryhole
Added: 30th July 2011
Posted By: Admin
Views: 3843
Comments: 0

With: Sean McIntyre An innocent young boy, was kidnapped and tied to a toilet and forced to suck the unknown home with big cocks in a gloryhole. if he want to survive it has no choice, it must suck. is now a sex slave // Avec : Sean McIntyre Un jeune garcon innocent, a ete kidnappe et...

Tags: Gloryhole Oral Blowjob Smooth Twink kidnaped rape attached
Boy kidnaped and abused
Added: 6th December 2010
Posted By: Admin
Views: 7127
Comments: 0

With: Luke Desmond Mackenzie Madison a boy was kidnapped. it is attached by hand and foot from the ceiling by chains. another guy mistreats. the boy has a mega 11-inch cock, and has the strength to suck and the masturbating. he pours hot wax on the back. // rape. // avec : Luke Desmond...

Tags: Hot Wax Restraints Jerk-Off Masturbation attached tortured rape foreced
FOXES BOXES - EDWARD FOX, BRUNO FOX -  all shaved boys
Added: 21st September 2010
Posted By: Admin
Views: 3892
Comments: 0

two guys find porn dvd. he started kissing and masturbating. it knocks the deal with that cock. suck it all two, beautiful uncut cock. the guy is fuck. them masturbating. guys rings in his nipples. (body piercing) shoot it on his belly // deux gars s trouve des dvd porno. il commence a s...

Tags: shaved skin head pit percing fuck suck
David Taylor and Scott Tanner rape guy
Added: 30th March 2010
Posted By: Admin
Views: 29718
Comments: 0

Starring: David Taylor and Scott Tanner a big guy with long hair blong, which has its taooe hairless chest, forcing a guy to recline on the table, he pulls down his pants and fuck hard. /// Avec : David Taylor and Scott Tanner un grand gars avec les cheveu long blong, qui a des taooe sur...

Tags: Muscle Tattoos Rough Fucking Anal tattooed tatootes tattoo rape foced force
Kez and Noah and Sebastian
Added: 4th May 2010
Posted By: Admin
Views: 8108
Comments: 0

two guys, a young man and an older, and kidnaps a 3rd youngest. he tore his clothes on the body. he rips his underwear. and leaves him cock for play with. he has his hands tied behind their backs with chains. he fuck force. while the man sucks, it forces him to suck younger. it strikes. they...

Tags: rape young mature torture
Anthony and Gabriel in "The Intruder"
Added: 21st September 2012
Posted By: Admin
Views: 1710
Comments: 0

"... The Intruder stylishly explores the fetish fantasy of being tied up and taken by a stranger and even those who don t share this particular fantasy might still be drawn in. What s amazing is that this video is only 15 minutes long and yet there s so much packed into it..."...

Tags: gay porn rape stranger intruder

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